ps_3Pressing Strings is a soul stirring trio based out of the musically fertile scene of Annapolis, Maryland. Their sound is versatile and stems from lead singer Jordan Sokel’s soulful, bluesy songwriting combined with a solid and dynamic rhythm section. Anchored by drummer Brandon Bartlett and bassist Nick Welker, their musical influences span genres and generations. As a result their fan base does the same.

All three members grew up basically on the Mason-Dixon line, in the shadow of Appalachia and sewn into the seems of the Chesapeake. That brackish water seems likely and fitting to represent their style of music. Rootsy and organic, funky and melodic. Their last record, Life of a Tree was released in November 2014. Then They recorded a few tracks at Burley Oak Brewery and those songs are included on their new release titled Owe The Source.