In so many words

Pressing Strings began as another dream was coming to an end.  Singer Jordan Sokel recalls "most of my time and energy was spent playing some type of sport until I was about 19 years old and my body was telling me I needed a break.  My hopes of playing sports beyond highschool were no longer supported by reality for a few different reasons.  The main reason was that my thoughts and passion were, and have always been guided towards music.  I busted my shoulder up pretty badly and while I was in a sling for the 3 months of recovery, I had a guitar at my side constantly and I started writing songs.  By the time I had a couple finished, I met and started playing guitar with my good friend Josh Kachura who had a few songs of his own.  That's how Pressing Strings Started."

Fast forward a decade later and Sokel is still writing songs and putting them out to the world with the PS moniker, Although these days Sokel is the sole writer for the band, backed by a rhythm section who are as close to him as brothers.  Bassist Nick Welker came into the band in early 2011 at a time when the grind and reality of the music industry was taking a toll on half of the members of the band.  Tempted to move away from the project and start anew, Sokel and Welker ultimately decided to keep Pressing Strings alive.  Now they needed to find the second half of the rhythm section, and in stepped drummer Brandon Bartlett.  And from there, the band was reborn as a power trio and began putting recordings out to the world.