About Pressing Strings

Pressing Strings is the ongoing musical project of singer/songwriter Jordan Sokel. Sokel formed the band with former member Joshua Kachura while attending Salisbury University and the two quickly began a staple of their hometown music scene of Annapolis, Maryland. They released 3 albums between 2008-2012 and band landed steady rotation on Maryland AAA radio. Shortly after Kachura left the band to focus on different personal goals. During this time Sokel recorded 2013’s “Life of a Tree” tracking all the instruments himself except drums, which producer Noel White provided. Sokel contemplated dropping the Pressing Strings name altogether but ultimately doubled down with bassist Nick Welker. Welker began singing backup and switched from traditional 4 string bass to a Fender VI bass. The two recruited drummer Brandon Bartlett in 2014 and released a slew of EP’s including 2015’s “Owe The Source” which featured the bluesy track “Angry Birds” that garnered national attention from AAA radio stations across the country. 2016’s “Five from Three” featured the band’s take on Led Zeppelin’s Going to California that was done on a whim while filming a video for another song in a tiny cafe in Annapolis. 2016 also saw the bands most polished sound on “Most Of Us”, which was recorded and produced in NYC by Scott Jacoby (John Legend, Jose James, Vampire Weekend) and Neil Dorfsman (Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan)